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Chris Kluwe explains White House invite rejection, reiterates focus on Raiders

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When Raiders signed punter Chris Kluwe last month, I asked the vocal gay marriage activist about his plans with regard to the upcoming Prop 8 ruling in California and he insisted his only focus was on making this Raiders team

"My first plans are to make the team," said Kluwe following his signing with the team. "That's gonna be the overriding influence right now."

His first potential straying of focus came this weekend Kluwe when he was invited to the White House for a dinner in honor of LGBT month. The Raiders called him and told him officials from the White House needed his email address.

"They told me they had an invitation for me to go to the White House," Kluwe said after Monday's organized team workout. "Okaaaay. That's pretty awesome."

Certainly it is always an honor to be invited to such an event. And if ever there was a time in which he could be tempted to be pulled away from his duties with his new team, that would be the time. But he stood by his guns and turned down the president. It may have been a hard rejection to make but the decision was an easy one.

"Immediately knew I wasn't going to be able to make it," said Kluwe. "I can't take off. You don't want to be that guy. These are important practices for the team, even for the punter. You are bonding with the team."

Kluwe also made it clear he at no point asked to go to the gala and was turned down. He was simply extended an invitation from the leader of the free world (so to speak) and declined.

I asked Dennis Allen what he thought of the invitation and subsequent rejection and his answer was brief and to the point.

"I think that Chris Kluwe, his job is to focus in on making our football team and that needs to be the biggest focus that he has right now and right now he's of the same mindset so, that's where we are as far as that's concerned."

It sounds like everyone is on the same page.