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Raider super fan Gorilla Rilla has truck stolen

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You know him as the Gorilla Rilla. He is the Hall of Fame Raider fan in the gorilla suit in the front row center of the Black Hole and at every Raider away game and Raider booster event. And now someone has stolen his ride and he needs the support of the Raider Nation to get it back.

I contacted Rilla and asked him how it went down and this is what he said:

"I went to work at 6am. Took a break at 9:45am and went home, which is 10 minutes away. I noticed my Chevy Tahoe was gone. I then asked my wife where my truck was and she said 'what do you mean?' Then she walked outside and my heart dropped! We immediately called police and made a report.

"She talked to neighbors who said the truck was seen from 8:30am to 9:15am, so sometime between 915am and 9:55am is when it was taken."

Description: 2001 black Chevy Tahoe with a lift kit, chrome rims, big tires, chrome grill. The license plate reads 'R8DRILA'.

He has always been there and the hairy face of the Nation, now he needs the Nation to keeps their eyes and ears open to show these thieves they can't get away with this. Thieves are just about the lowest form of life and these thieves are no Raiders fans or they would know full well what they are getting themselves into swiping Rilla's ride.

Hit him up on facebook if you have any info.