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Raiders Hall of Fame in plans with new stadium

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The Raiders Hall of Fame is in the plans but where it is built depends on the location of the Raiders' eventual new stadium.

Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame center, Jim Otto
Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame center, Jim Otto
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are known for being a team that doesn't retire numbers. However, late owner Al Davis long spoke of having a Raiders Hall of Fame though the concept never materialized.

More important than a proposed Hall of Fame is that of a new stadium. The plans for both of those go hand in hand, according to owner Mark Davis, because where one goes, the other will follow.

"I absolutely will [create a Raiders Hall of Fame]" said Mark Davis in an interview with Monte Poole. "-- as soon as we know where we'll be playing long-term. The alumni (are) the most important thing about the franchise. That's my family. Trust me, anytime I talk to someone about a stadium, it's about a stadium AND a place for the Hall of Fame."

Exactly where the Raiders will play in the not so distant future is still unsettled. Even while Al Davis was still alive, Mark was part of the efforts to get a new stadium built in Oakland - preferably on its current site.

"We're talking and there are some encouraging signs.," said Davis. "We've done plenty of talking in the past, and we still don't have a long-term solution. Oakland still is in the driver's seat. We want to stay. We don't want another short-term lease extension. We want something that will work for us, for the city and for the NFL. But if we can't get something done, I've got to do what's best for the team."

When Davis says "what's best for the team", the inference is a possible move back to Los Angeles which means the Raiders Hall of Fame would also not be in its rightful place - the city of Oakland -- where the bulk of the franchise's glory years and most of the players who would be in the team's Hall of Fame earned that honor.