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Menelik Watson gets his SEC Championship ring... for winning ACC Championship

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Raiders rookie offensive tackle, Menelik Watson, was part of the Florida State Seminoles who beat the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the ACC Championship game last December. Or was it the SEC?

If you look at the ring he just received, he won the SEC Championship. Watson tweeted out a picture of his new ring Wednesday when he noticed the discrepancy.

"I feel privileged and I feel slighted at the same time, but hey, I guess I'm one in a million," Watson told ESPN.

According to the school, Watson's ring is the only one with the mistake out of around 100 rings which were made. But if you add all the previous years of ACC championship rings without that mistake, it's a lot more rare.

Watson said he's keeping the ring adding "it's a collector's item." Though the school has said they will be sending him a new ring with the correct engraving. So, he'll be the only player on his team to receive two rings.

It was actually Alabama who won the SEC Championship.