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Marcus Allen talks Raiders on NFL Network

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Michael Loccisano
Marcus Allen had a telephone interview today with the NFL Network on NFL AM and they asked the ex-Raider and Hall of Fame running back his opinion on a variety of issues, two of which were regarding the Raiders. One was the obligatory Darren McFadden question which was basically answered with the obvious “Talented but can he stay on the field?” answer, but the other question got a little bit more interesting of a response.

Mark Kriegel: “Marcus, another season has passed without Darren McFadden playing 16 games, and they have lost a 4,000 yard passer in Carson Palmer. Can you praise the state of this team?”

Marcus Allen: “Well, they are a team in transition. I think they are building it for the long run, its going to take some time. I don't think you're going to expect the Raiders to be a formidable team immediately. I think with Reggie McKenzie with what he has learned in Green Bay he will bring that to the Raiders and hopefully they will be a contender.”

“The league is so much better when the raiders are part of the conversation, you know. They are just one of those teams that everyone loves to root for or against and it just brings a lot more excitement. But I have always felt that the Raiders are a franchise that the league needs, you know, in order to keep it at its zenith. But I think its going to take awhile, I think its going to take some time and I think some patience is going to be needed.”

Though none of us like the “Patience is needed” parts of the response it is nice to see a Raider Legend like Allen feeling like they are heading in the right direction. He is optimistic about where the Raiders are and really seems to believe that Reggie will be the man to turn this team around. Its important to have your alumni feeling good about where the team is, and Marcus comes across as feeling that way.

There is one undeniable thing that he said in this interview, the league is much better when the Raiders are doing well. This is something that even our biggest rivals say to us. The Raiders are like the villain in a superhero movie. By being the team that people love to root against they become the villain for the NFL and that makes it more fun for everybody.

It doesn't matter to Raider Nation if they are the villain, its what we have been grown to be accustomed to. We wouldn't even know what it was like to be the good guy if it were to magically happen. The Raiders can be the bad guy coming in wearing Silver and Black and burning this mother down, and they will be that again in the future. How much time it takes is yet to be seen, but Marcus Allen is right to feel good about the direction that this franchise is heading in. The best villains always come back when they appear to be beaten.