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Raiders still with three unsigned draft picks

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With days left to the start of 2013 training camp, the Raiders still have three drafted rookies under contract.


It's coming down to the wire for the Raiders signing their draft picks. Players report to camp this Wednesday, July 24 and the team still has three unsigned draft picks. Those picks still unsigned at 12 overall pick, cornerback D.J. Hayden, round 2 pick, offensive tackle Menelik Watson, and round 4 pick, quarterback Tyler Wilson.

Last year at this time, they had two remaining unsigned draft picks - third round pick, Tony Bergstrom, and fifth round wide receiver, Juron Criner. Bergstrom signed the day before camp started and Criner finally signed his contract the day Raiders training camp practice was to begin. The hope is that won't happen again this year but at the moment it looks quite possible.

The team signed all of their round six and seven pick (six total) on the same day last month. They later signed third round linebacker Sio Moore to a contract. They had a total of ten picks in the 2013 draft.

The Raiders aren't alone in still having multiple picks left to sign. There are 12 teams who have signed all their picks and 11 teams who have just one pick left to sign. That leaves 9 teams with two or more selections still to sign. There is just one team with more picks unsigned than the Raiders - the Jacksonville Jaguars (4).

These numbers will undoubtedly change throughout this week as team attempt to get their rookies under contract prior to the start of their respective training camps. In total there are currently 36 unsigned rookie draft picks across the NFL.