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We asked, you answered: S&BP readers predict who will lead Raiders in several stat categories

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The Raider Nation has spoken and given their opinions about who will lead the Raiders in several key statistical categories.


Over the last month I've posed several questions to the Nation about who will lead the Raiders in both offensive and defensive categories in the upcoming 2013 season. The time for voting is over and the time to reveal the complete results has come!

"Which Raider draftee will have the best overall career?"

Winner: Sio Moore (50%)

This one was a total runaway, with Sio Moore dominating the voting. He earned 50% of the vote and got a total of 1,177 votes. D.J. Hayden was a distant second at only 20% of the vote. Perhaps Sio ought to have been the Raiders' first rounder. He is certainly thought highly of around these parts.

"Which Raider will collect the most sacks in 2013?"

Winner: Sio Moore (37%)

Sio Moore also took this question by the narrowest of margins, beating out Lamarr Houston by a mere two votes! Both Moore and Houston had 37% of the total, with Moore getting 542 votes to Houston's 540.

"Who will collect the most interceptions this year?"

Winner: Charles Woodson (36%)

Charles Woodson was the narrow winner, taking 36% of the vote over D.J. Hayden's 34%, beating out Hayden by 25 votes.

"Who will have the most tackles?"

Winner: Nick Roach (51%)

Nick Roach took that one easily, garnering 51% of the vote, and 1,075 votes for him overall . Sio Moore came in second with 22% of the vote. It would really be great if the Raiders could at long last have a true leader and tackling machine at MLB; it would make the rest of the defense that much better.

"Which Raider will lead the team in receiving yardage?"

Winner: Rod Streater (41%)

This one was a surprise to me, as Rod Streater took the category with 41% of the vote. He beat out Denarius Moore -- who took 38% -- by 62 votes. Personally I hope Moore steps up and cracks 1,000 yards receiving this year, but how would you feel if Streater instead became the Raiders' main passing target?

"Who will lead the team in rushing yards?"

Winner: Darren McFadden (69%)

As expected, Darren McFadden took the category easily with 69% of the vote and 1,381 votes total. Latavius Murray was second at 28%. Considering McFadden led the team in rushing last season even while missing a large chunk of it, this makes a lot of sense. I hope Murray or Jennings step up their games in case of another McFadden injury, so that the running game (which needs to be a strength) doesn't miss a beat. Murray, at least, has the physical skills to do that.

So what do you make of this, Nation? Would you be happy if each of these results turned out to be true? Which do you think is the most important or the least important? How do you think the team's record will turn out if these results are accurate? Is Sio Moore the next Lawrence Taylor, or just the next Terrell Suggs? Discuss!