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Two Raiders released on the eve of training camp report day

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just days before reporting to training camp two Raiders were informed that their services would not be needed. Oakland has released back up middle linebacker Travis Goethel and defensive back Coye Francies. Nobody has been announced as replacing the duo on the training camp roster as of yet.

Travis Goethel was a player that the Raiders just could not wait for any longer after several seasons cut short by injuries. Drafted in the 6th round back in 2010, Goethel ended up only being able to play in 16 of a possible 48 games in his 3 seasons on the roster. He finishes his time with the Raiders with a whopping 11 tackles so his production is not going to be missed.

Travis will always be infamous as the poor soul that had to sub in at long snapper in the 2012 season opener when starting Pro Bowl long snapper Jon Condo was knocked sideways with a concussion. His poor performance was the biggest reason for the opening day loss to the Chargers which also painfully proved to be very telling of the dismal season to come.

As for Coye Francies being released it was a little different as he has been released due to the little used "Failure to Disclose Physical Condition" tag. Each player is suppose to disclose any injuries to the staff and if they fail to do so for an injury that leads to them being unable to perform they put themselves in a position where the team can cut ties. In other words, its an excuse that teams now have to rid themselves of a player they don't really want anymore.

The oddest thing about Coye's release is that they had brought him back to begin with after being lackluster during his time here as a return man and defensive back. Despite not performing great the Raiders had signed him to a one year $630,000 contract this past off-season, a decision quickly rectified now that Francis has been released.

Coye was facing an uphill battle to make the team with return man Josh Cribbs added to the roster this off-season and Jacoby Ford finally healthy. With Coye's best chance of making the teams being as a return specialist the signing of Cribbs definitely made Francies expendable. The Raiders also went from a depleted secondary to one that has a number of quality players that were likely to be kept over Coye.

Just add Goethel and Francies to the long list of players that the Raiders have moved on from this off-season. Neither were vital pieces to this team but still once a Raider, always a Raider. Good luck to both players as they now seek new employment. As for the Raiders, they will be just fine without them.