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Raiders sign Former Pro-Bowl OL Andre Gurode

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With question marks littering the offensive line, former Cowboy and Raven Andre Gurode was added to the mix on Friday.

Christian Petersen

After hosting a tryout with former pro-bowl offensive lineman Andre Gurode on Friday, the Raiders apparently liked what they saw — adding the 11-year veteran to what is quickly becoming a crowded offensive line competition.

Gurode began his career with the Cowboys in 2002, where he played until 2010. Between 2006 and 2010, Gurode was named to five consecutive pro-bowls.

After one season in Baltimore in 2011, Gurode was active for just two games last season as a member of the Chicago Bears.

While an offensive lineman who hasn't played a snap in over a year isn't much to get excited about, the silver lining here is simply the presence of more competition in a group that is badly in need of improvement.

If Gurode is even a shadow of what he was three seasons ago, there's a chance he could be of some value as a backup in Oakland. And if not (as his lack of playing time in Chicago would seem to indicate), there's obviously no guarantee he even makes the roster.