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Rod Streater playing like number one receiver Raiders looking for

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The Raiders receiving corps has been without a solid number one guy for some time. Thus far in camp, Rod Streater looks to change that.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater at training camp
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater at training camp
Levi Damien

The Raiders have had three practices thus far in training camp and easily the best looking receiver on this team in second year man, Rod Streater.

Streater had the catch of the day on day one and made a few nice catches on day two as well. In today's practice, he continued to take his play up a notch. He is the favorite receiver for any of the quarterbacks when they have the chance to connect with him.

On day one, his big catch came from Terrelle Pryor. Today, he began by catching a long pass from Tyler Wilson and later had a couple nice catches from Matt Flynn as well. So, it is clear that no matter who is throwing the ball, Streater is showing all of them that he is the guy they can depend upon.

Not only has he been playing like the best receiver on this team, but he looks like he could offer this team a legitimate number one receiver. Sure, it's still very early yet, but this is a great start and for him to come out the gates like this in his second year is impressive.

An undrafted free agent last year, he surprised everyone when he worked his way up to starter as a rookie. Even so, he was among the league leaders in percentage of drops. Now he is surprising everyone again by outdoing what he accomplished last season.

"I think he's a little bit more confident," said Dennis Allen. "I think he has a little bit better understanding of how the NFL game is played. He's playing a little bit more physical and that's one of the qualities that we like about him. He's improved his route running. You have a guy who has some talent, the guy works extremely hard, he's going to continue to get better."

"Just gotta improve, gotta get better from last year," said Streater. "Can't be the same thing. Just try to always get better each and every day."

The second year receiver has been working hard to prove his rookie season wasn't a fluke. He also has a new quarterback with whom to build chemistry. For that reason, every chance he has gotten to work with Matt Flynn, Terrelle Pryor or any of the other quarterbacks, he has taken that opportunity.

"We've been working at Laney College and a little bit at minicamp and stuff like that. We put in a lot of work so we know the plays, timing and things, so it's looking good."

Dennis Allen had said during OTA's that the Raiders were counting on Denarius Moore being the number one receiver. No offense to Denarius, who is playing just fine in his own right, but Streater is out there showing Allen that Denarius isn't the only guy he can count on to step up as the number one guy.