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Raiders receivers can't shake case of dropsies

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Oakland Raiders receiver Travionte Session at Raiders minicamp
Oakland Raiders receiver Travionte Session at Raiders minicamp
Levi Damien

The theme of the past couple of days at Raiders practice has been dropping passes. It was bad enough on day 2 that Dennis Allen brought it up in his press conference unprompted. It only seemed to get worse on day 3.

There were several players who had multiple drops including Tray Session, Isaiah Williams, Marcel Reece, and Jacoby Ford. Several others had at least one drop.

All of the drops were of the stone hands or lack of concentration quality. For guys like Session and Williams, it probably doesn't surprise a lot of people as most don't expect them to make the team this season. Reece and Ford are a bit more surprising.

Ford hurt himself today, which will undoubtedly cause a lot of fans to roll their eyes because he always seems to get hurt somehow. His injury may be an excuse for at least one of his drops on the day.

Reece's drops are a bit more head-scratching. The first drop was on a Pryor pass on an out route. The ball looked fine and Reece may have just took his eye off of it. Then just before practice ended, he dropped another pass, this time from Flynn. Same deal; good pass which he simply dropped.

Dennis Allen acknowledged the drops in his post practice press conference but there weren't as many today as yesterday. That is not how it looked from where I was standing. But who's counting, right? Drops are drops. There were a lot both days and they will need to clean it up. I expect Reece to snap out of it and Ford as well (if he can get back on the field without hurting himself). The other two guys have no choice. They are on thin threads as it is.