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Raiders training camp practice notes: Day 4

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My notes from day four of Raiders 2013 training camp.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before practice began today, the Raiders announced they had (finally) signed a middle linebacker. They brought back Omar Gaither who they had signed midway through last season to replace the suspended Rolando McClain.

No time was wasted getting Gaither into the fold. He was suited up in full gear and on the field in his #52 jersey with the rest of the Raiders. He said, due to knowing the system from last year "He felt like he had never left."

Early on, D.J. Hayden was out of his red jersey and back in black (as it were). It appeared as if he had graduated to full contact. But no sooner did warm-ups end, but he was relegated to the red jersey once again.

Sit outs

The list of those players out with injuries is mounting every day. Out again were Miles Burris, Menelik Watson, Pat Sims, Sam McGuffie, Billy Boyko, and Kaluka Maiava.

Joining them after having left practice last week with injury was Jacoby Ford. He was seen in the all too familiar sweat pants mulling around while his position group was in drills.

Those unable to finish practice today were Lucas Nix, Johnny Jones, Brandon Bair, and Vance Walker. The only of the injuries that was very visible was Nix who went down in a heap during team sessions and took a while to get up. He then was led off the field by trainers. He walked gingerly, limping to the sideline where trainers tended to his left left.

Allen said after practice that none of the injuries today were much to worry about. Then again, he said the same of Kaluka Maiava just a bit before Maiava came out in crutches and a walking boot. The next day he said Maiava would have some rehab and will miss some time. Which, I suppose, is not much to worry about compared to being season ending (knock on wood).

Sio Moore HAD been out yesterday but was back practicing again today. He said he is 100% and "It would take a lot more than that" to keep him out.


David Ausberry has been showing impressive skills as a receiver thus far in camp, which is really no surprise. Today the team had some one-on-one blocking drills and he faired quite well. At one point Usama Young came on the rush and Ausberry face planted him... twice... on the same play. Granted, Young is a safety and is nowhere close to a defensive end, defensive tackle, or even a linebacker, but it is a good sign he has been working hard to improve his one glaring weak area.

Also looking good in blocking drills was Alex Barron. But unlike Ausberry, Barron was doing it against defensive ends including Lamarr Houston. Barron has been backing up both tackle spots of late. He was backing up left tackle specifically but since Menelik Watson went out with injury, he has been backing up both tackle spots.

The best looking receiver today was probably Greg Jenkins. He and Matt McGloin connected a few times. Jenkins was lined up almost exclusively on Taiwan Jones and Jones was getting worked. Jenkins made a great catch over Jones' back on a long sideline route in the early session and later made the final two catches of the day - one in which he beat Jones to the inside in the back of the endzone and the next getting behind him in the back corner of the endzone.

Tray Session had two more drops today after having two yesterday. He was a practice squad player last year and absolutely needs a great camp to make this team. So far he is not making a good impression. Most of them are concentration drops which are easily fixable, but they are still drops on a team which may already not have room for him.

Outside of Session, the receivers held onto the ball pretty well today.

The quarterbacks had a pretty good day with some miscues here and there. Nothing spectacular or terrible. Pretty standard stuff. Hey, standouts can't always be about the quarterbacks, ok.

Gaither was rearing to go. In pass rushing drills he had a couple of hard clashes with fullback Jamize Olawale. The second time, Gaither popped Olawale hard, knocking off his helmet, and then tossed him onto his butt and ran by him. Good first day back.

The Burnett brothers were not making Darren McFadden's day today. First Kaelin abused him in pass rushing drills and later Kevin disrupted a run play to stuff McFadden at the line of scrimmage.

We had out second camp scuffle. Same deal as before. The defender (this time Jack Crawford) took the running back down to the ground and an offensive lineman (this time Andrew Robiskie) took issue with it. This one dissipated faster than the one yesterday.

Back tomorrow bright and early. Or at least early. Practice is at 9:20am. As always, follow me on Twitter for my practice updates by clicking the button below.