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Raiders made a play for Joe Mays

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Joe Mays signs with the Texans and says Raiders among teams who were interested in signing him.

Doug Pensinger

As soon Joe Mays was released by the Broncos, he immediately became an obvious choice to fill the Raiders' incredibly thin middle linebacker position. Now according to Mays, who signed with the Houston Texans today, the Raiders made an offer and he chose to sign with the Texans instead.

He said he also received offers from the Redskins, 49ers, Chiefs, and Chargers.

Mays was the middle linebacker in Denver during Dennis Allen's one season as the Broncos' defensive coordinator. That season the Broncos defense had a resurgence so once Mays was on the market, it seemed like a no-brainer that Allen would want him to join him in Oakland.

The Raiders didn't have much in the way of depth at middle linebacker all off-season and then became woefully thin when they released Travis Goethel just prior to training camp report day. This left the team with just starter Nick Roach and undrafted free agent Billy Boyko behind him. Then to make matters worse, Boyko went out injured as well.

The Raiders were interested and Mays chose to go to Houston instead. This forced the Raiders to call up their "Tidewater" guy - Omar Gaither.