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Happy 4th of July, Al Davis Birthday open thread

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Streeter Lecka

For Al Davis "Happy 4th of July" also meant "Happy Birthday" and for nearly 50 years, as the creator of the Raider mystique as we know it, Independence Day meant celebrating the most independent of all owners in the history of the NFL.

This is the second July 4th that has passed without Al Davis here to celebrate his Birthday, but that doesn't mean the rest of us can't salute him and take the time to remember a true sports icon and the ultimate "Raider Legend".

It's also the day we celebrate our Nation's Independence. That day in 1776 when we became an independent nation. I hope most of you have the day off work to relax and enjoy the day with friends and family and hopefully watch some fireworks.

Just pop in and say hello and chat about your plans for the day. The thread is open. Go ahead, it's a free country.