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Who will lead Raiders in interceptions in 2013?

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With a totally revamped defense and personnel to run the scheme, can the Raiders improve on their total of eleven interceptions last year?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the Raiders had a pretty pitiful defensive secondary, and it would have been worse without the Herculean efforts of Tyvon Branch. Of the eleven interceptions recorded by the Raiders last season, only six were recorded by players still with the team. Those players are Joselio Hanson, Phillip Adams, Branch and Miles Burris. Hanson tied for the team lead in interceptions with a whopping two.

Adding to the mix will be new arrivals Usama Young, Mike Jenkins, Charles Woodson, and Tracy Porter, who combined for fifteen total interceptions in the last two seasons. DJ Hayden will also see significant time on the field, and he collected six picks in his two seasons at the University of Houston, including four in his injury-shortened senior year alone.

Interceptions are a fluky thing to predict from year to year. Who would ever have guessed Charles Woodson would have seven in 2011 for Green Bay? However, I feel that if this secondary can stay mostly healthy as a whole it will be leaps and bounds better than last year's. The question for the Nation is, which player will collect the most picks?