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Bubble bursting candidates emerging for Raiders

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A few young hopefuls have made their presence known at Raiders camp and could burst the roster bubble

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is crazy how much ground can be covered in just a week of camp. Some surprising standouts have emerged from the pack who were among a group of hopefuls on the outside looking in.

Cory Nelms is everywhere. He is making a very strong case to be a part of this team. Unfortunately for him, he is behind the likes of Charles Woodson and Usama Young at free safety. Fortunately for him, he's working at both safety and corner as well as special teams to hedge his bets of finding a spot on this team. Brandian Ross was the standout last season and thus far, Nelms is making a much bigger splash and it will undoubtedly lead to a tough roster cut.

Andre Holmes has been the second best receiver on this team in camp behind Streater. He will serve a four game suspension to start the season for PED's, but if he continues playing like this, the team would be silly not to try and clear him out a spot on the roster once that suspension is up.

Greg Jenkins continues to show the kind of potential as a receiver he showed in OTA's and minicamp. The former quarterback was considered a project at wide receiver. He is showing enough potential to at very least stick around on the practice squad this season.

Raiders seventh round rookie David Bass has shown himself to hold up against the big boys pretty well. The former division two pass rusher out of Missouri Western became the Raiders final draft pick last April. He has looked like he fits in just fine at defensive end for this team and could push Jack Crawford for playing time and perhaps even his roster spot.

As we embark on the second week of Raiders training camp we'll see if these hopefuls continue to stand out or if some new bubble bursting candidates emerge.