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Raiders preseason week 1 Ballers & Busters: Part 2

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Part 2 of the Ballers & Busters for the Raiders week one preseason match-up with the Dallas Cowboys.

Brian Bahr

With the Ballers and Honorable Mentions done, we move onto the rest of the list. And since the Raiders had such a good game, which resulted in quite a long list of positive mentions, we will start the second part with the Betweener(s) before we get to the Busters.


Terrelle Pryor

No doubt, Pryor moved the ball for the Raiders. But when it came to the moment of truth, he made the wrong decisions. His first drive started brilliantly. He lined up in a pistol formation and ran the zone read for a 13-yard gain. Two plays later he threw a screen to Jamize Olawale for an 18-yard gain. Later in the drive he tucked it again and ran for 17 yards. Then when he got into scoring position, everything fell apart. The Raiders had to take a time out because he took too long in the huddle - an issue Denis Allen has mentioned with regard to Pryor. Then after the time out the drive ended when he rolled right and threw across his body into coverage for an easy interception and touchback. He had plenty of room to run but opted to throw it instead.

His second drive was arguably more impressive because he drove deep in Cowboys territory and it took just :36 seconds. His threat to run drew up the corner and left Juron Criner wide open for an 18-yard catch. Then he threw a short pass to David Ausberry who broke a couple tackles for a 13-yard gain. He capped it off with an 18-yard connection with Andre Holmes. But he couldn't get the offense in the endzone. He locked onto Holmes who was covered in the left corner of the endzone, then rolled left in the hopes he could break open and was forced to throw it over his head and out of bounds rather than risk throwing another interception. Throwing it away was a good decision as it meant getting points instead of a turnover or the clock running out.


Joselio Hanson

The Cowboys had one touchdown on the day. It was late in the second quarter with the Cowboys at the 15-yard line. Cole Beasley came off the line and ran straight to the endzone, and right by Hanson and Kyle Orton threw it right to him. It was shameful just how easy that touchdown was. That's what we call getting burnt. Prior to that catch, Hanson had given up three 11-yard catches (just enough for the first down), including one on that same drive. He played the first half and gave up four catches for 48 yards and a touchdown. He should be downright crispy by this point.

Mike Brisiel

The first major mistake made in this game by the Raiders was the sack fumble form Flynn. And while the free pass rusher was not Brisiel's fault, the forced fumble was caused by his man. While Flynn was getting pummeled from his blindside, he also had to focus on Brisiel getting pushed back into his face by Jason Hatcher who swiped at Flynn's throwing arm, popping the ball loose. Then it was Hatcher who recovered the fumble. After all, he was deep in the backfield already so all he had to do was fall on it. Later in the first quarter, Brisiel was pushed into what was supposed to be a running lane up the middle, forcing Rashad Jennings to have to shift outside for a short gain. Dennis Allen said over conference call Saturday that Brisiel is nicked up and it affected his play in the game. That was the excuse given to Brisiel for his poor play last season. If this keeps happening, eventually there will be no excuse left.

Mitchell White

He was way out of position to give up a 24-yard catch on a drive in the third quarter. The following drive, he gave up a 12-yard first down catch on third and 12. That drive resulted in the Cowboys' second touchdown of the day to give them the lead back 17-16.

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