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Join the first S&BP Fantasy League of 2013!

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Play fantasy football against RaiderDamus himself!


The NFL season has rolled around again and that means it's time for fantasy football! I will be setting up a few leagues and have finished the first one tonight. This one is a 12-team H2H league with 2WR and a RB/WR/TE Flex, hosted by our friends at Yahoo!. I have personally played fantasy football and baseball on Yahoo for about ten years and I find it to have one of the best experiences around.

I will be setting up at least two more leagues shortly, so if you don't get into this one, don't worry too much. Yahoo has a lot of settings you can use so if a lot of you are interested in using Individual Defensive Players I can set up an IDP league no problem.

Unlike in past years, Yahoo no longer requires a password to get in. You just have to follow this here link. The draft for this league is currently set for Friday August 30 at 7 PM Pacific time. That time is, of course, totally open to change as well.

When you get in it would be good I think if everyone could use their SBN screennames as their team names, at least until after the draft, so we all know who everyone is. That makes it much easier to trash talk each other on this site!

Let me know in the comments if anyone has trouble with the link to join up. I will let you know when the league is full and then I'll get started on setting up the next one.