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Raiders dealt huge blow: Jared Veldheer to go on IR with torn triceps

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Raiders starting left tackle, Jared Veldheer, will have surgery on his torn triceps and be placed on injured reserve.


Wednesday, following his second MRI, Raiders left tackle Jared Veldheer was missing from practice. Following practice, head coach Dennis Allen revealed the results of the MRI came up positive for a torn triceps and Veldheer will need surgery to repair it.

The team will be placing Veldheer on partial season injured reserve which means he can return to practice after six weeks but wouldn't be able to play until after week 8.

Losing Veldheer is a huge blow for this team. He is one of the few bonafide starters on this team and has been playing at a very high level protecting the left side of the Raiders' line. The offensive line was already in a state of disarray and Veldheer was seen as one of the only sure things on it.

Filling in for him will be Alex Barron. Barron took Veldheer's place the last time he was out of practice. Barron has been a pleasant surprise for the Raiders and the team will get to see what they have in this former starting left tackle. They don't really have much choice now.