Read-option Raiders style

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders fans now get to be part of the ongoing crazy in the NFL : The Read Option. In the Week 1 Pre Season game, Terrelle Pryor ran the Read Option from the Pistol formation three times for 31 yards, 13, 1, and 17. Here are some thoughts about the Raiders' version of the Read Option.

  • Raiders' used 2 TE sets and the "Full house" backfield, with two blockers on either side of Pryor.
  • Twice they used 12 Personnel with 2 WRs, once they used 22 Personnel with 1 WR.
  • The backside Guard has nothing to do on this play. It is interesting; the nature of the play results in him just running into space.
  • The blocking really seems to give the dive back little space. It appears the MLB runs free to the play. This seems to indicate that in this version, it's primarily a QB play.
  • The nature of the play, which has a little bit of a counter-action to it, appears to make the OL block easier. For instance, the blocking may be to the right, but the read-option will be to the left (against the defensive RDE). The line movement to the right gets the defenders moving that direction and then the play explodes the opposite way with blockers in front.
  • Brice Butler did a good job blocking
  • The movement of the 2 lead blockers and the dive back creates a lot of traffic and potential for multiple variations, including a TE chip on the DE, a TE wham block to free the dive back, or even a QB counter to the backside. It also seems as if there may be an opportunity to throw out of this package, especially to the backside WR or perhaps a screen to a lead blocking TE.
  • Dallas plays it very well the 2nd time the Raiders run it, with the DE setting up at the perfect position and the containment safety playing outside leverage properly.
  • Dallas' 3rd team LBs did a poor job of maintaining discipline and getting to position.

It's an interesting development and should be exciting to follow.
Here's a closer look at the three plays :
Pryor Read Option #1 Pryor Read Option #2 Pryor Read Option #3