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Ex-Rams GM has harsh words about Alex Barron

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Former first round pick Alex Barron is trying to make a comeback with the Raiders this season. He was considered a bust after five seasons with the St Louis Rams. Now, his former general manager is coming out with some not so kind remarks about his former top pick.

Bill Devaney appeared on ESPN today and said of Barron, "He does not like anything about the game except getting paid."

Those are some pretty strong words for Devaney to say about Barron. He is clearly not at all happy about the what he perceives as a lack of effort by his former top pick out of Florida State. In 2010, after five seasons switching back and forth from right and left tackle, Devaney traded away Barron to the Cowboys.

Barron played 12 games with the Cowboys with one start that season and was not brought back. He has yet to take an NFL snap since then. He spent camp with the Seahawks in 2012 but has had trouble even generating interest since then. Perhaps this could be a sign of why that might be.