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Tyler Wilson losing camp reps to Matt McGloin

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Tyler Wilson has been demoted in favor of undrafted free agent Matt McGloin.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This off-season, there was talk of rookie quarterback Tyler Wilson pushing Matt Flynn for the Raiders starting job this season. Now it looks more like he's pushing for a roster spot with undrafted free agent rookie, Matt McGloin.

Each camp day, team sessions begin with Matt Flynn and the first team. Then Terrelle Pryor comes out with the second team, followed by the third team and finally the fourth team. With that in mind, it appears Tyler Wilson has been demoted.

The final team session on Thursday ended with Matt McGloin coming onto the field after Terrelle Pryor. I noted it at the time but it could have been that way for any number of reasons. Coming into practice today, it would be interesting to see if that order continued. It did.

As soon as team sessions began, Matt Flynn came out with the first team, Terrelle Pryor with the second team and Matt McGloin once again took the reps with the third team followed finally by Tyler Wilson.

In addition to the actual order of their appearances, the third team quarterback gets more reps. The fourth team quarterbacks often times gets one snap. That was the case for Wilson on the final play Thursday and all practice today. And it doesn't speak well for his status on the team.

Dennis Allen, of course prefers to speak of the positives of McGloin as the reason for the switch.

"I'm going to let the competition dictate who's getting the reps," said Allen. "I think Matt McGloin has earned the right to get some reps. We brought him in here so we can evaluate and see how he is. He's earned that right. He's stepped up, and he's done some nice things."

I had said a few times in during off-season practices that McGloin is a steady performer. He doesn't often wow you but he also doesn't make many mistakes. He's the kind of player who will sneak up and take a job simply by being the most consistent. That's how he made the Penn State roster as a walk-on, that's how he earned the starting job as a college senior, and if he is to make it in the NFL, that's how he will do it at this level as well.

As for Wilson, he has not been terrible and it is hard to say exactly what he is or is not doing that has the coaches giving his reps to McGloin. Allen has used several tactics to motivate players and this could very well be the tactic he is using to put a fire under Wilson.

As the new regime's first and only drafted quarterback, there is an expectation that he is seen as the future quarterback and therefore a lock to make the roster. Proving he is deserving of that label is the only expectation as of right now.