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Raiders OC Greg Olson on Terrelle Pryor "still tinkering with that toy"

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Raiders offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, spoke to the media today where he discussed his use of Terrelle Pryor.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The most intriguing and polarizing player on this current Raiders team is by far Terrelle Pryor. The skills he possesses have a lot of fans seeing stars envisioning the kinds of playmaking abilities they have seen players like Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick make for the Panthers and 49ers respectively.

The Raiders have been trying different ways to get him on the field this season and utilize his athletic abilities from the quarterback position. Greg Olson is the offensive mastermind behind the plays that have been inserted into the book designed for Pryor.

"We're still kinda tinkering with that toy," said Olson. We did some things in the first game that we were pleased with. We went into the second game and tried some other schemes... you looked at them and say maybe they weren't as successful as they were in that first week, but again, we changed up and we'll continue to change up and do some different things this week with him so that we have an entire package. Each week we're just trying to expose a little bit with Terrelle, add a little bit to the initial package that we had in for him."

He said how he uses Pryor will change with the loss of Veldheer but that it will change for everyone. Whether that means we see any more of Pryor will probably play itself out more as we get into the season depending on how well Flynn performs under the extra pressure not having his standout left tackle presents.

It also will depend on just how well this "toy" functions in the packages put aside for him.