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Terrelle Pryor braves stigmata that is Raiders number 2

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Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has changed his number to 2.

Oakland Raiders Terrelle Pryor dons the number 2 jersey in training camp practice
Oakland Raiders Terrelle Pryor dons the number 2 jersey in training camp practice
Levi Damien

When Terrelle Pryor was drafted by the Raiders in the third round of the 2011 supplemental draft, he was asked what number he would like to wear. Pryor selected the number 2 he had dawned throughout his college career at Ohio State. Hue Jackson responded with ‘What other number would you like to wear?'

The number two carried with it the recent sting of giant bust (pun intended) quarterback, JaMarcus Russell. The team had just parted ways with the former number one overall pick just a season before and they had no intention of slapping that number on another Raiders quarterback that soon.

Last season they gave the number in camp to rookie punter Marquette King. When King returned this off-season, he donned the number again. Then when Charles Woodson came aboard, King switched to the number 7 while Woodson wore the number 2 unofficially throughout OTA's and minicamp.

Come the start of training camp, Woodson got his number 24 back, King stuck with number 7 and the number 2 was fair game. It may have been Pryor asked at that time to get the number 2 but the team waited until the last day of camp to let him have it.

It was the last day of camp when Pryor first showed up in a Raiders jersey due to lengthy NFL lockout that year.

Pryor becomes the third Raiders quarterback and fourth Raider player to wear the number two. The others were Russell, QB Aaron Brooks, and K Leo Araguz.