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Ray Guy looks to be finally headed for Hall of Fame

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Ray Guy could make history as first pure punter ever enshrined into the Hall of Fame.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame senior committee announced their nominees today and Raiders great punter, Ray Guy was among the nominees.

There are just two senior committee nominees. The other is Claude Humphrey.

After being denied access into the Hall of Fame for the past 23 years, senior committee nominees almost always get elected into the Hall. And with just two nominees, the odds are quite good Ray Guy makes history and finally get into the Hall of Fame as the first pure punter ever enshrined.

Guy changed the game. The Raiders first round pick in 1973 put the words ‘hang time' in the NFL lexicon. Before he came onto the scene, punter was practically an afterthought. Teams used players from other positions to punt the ball away. Guy's dominance from the punter position forced the rest of the NFL to sign a player solely for the purposes of punting.

It was also no coincidence he was part of all three Raider Super Bowl teams. He was the first pure punter to dominate the league and he looks to be the first headed to the Hall of Fame. Deservedly so. He would also open the door for other punters to get a shot at the Hall of Fame. Shane Lechler would be a strong candidate if that were the case.

The next vote will be held in February of 2014.