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Raiders training camp rookie show a travesty

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Every NFL team at the end of camp has the rookies put on a show for the rest of the team. This year for the Raiders, according to multiple sources, the show this year was incredibly bad.

First it was punter Chris Kluwe who commented on how bad it was on Twitter.

One man's opinion isn't enough to place any kind of judgment on the quality of the show performed. It was Dennis Allen's words that clinched it.

"They were terrible," said Allen. "In 12 years of NFL football it was the worst rookie show I've seen. A couple of good skits.  D.J. [Hayden] has a little talent, Sio Moore has a little bit of talent but overall very disappointed.  I'm glad we're not evaluating them on their rookie show ability."

It's a little surprising Allen didn't mention Mychal Rivera among those with some talent. I guess his sister got all the acting talent in the family.

Maybe getting rid of the rookie hazing was a bad idea.