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Josh Cribbs and nine other Raiders were cut today

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Cribbs was brought in to be a special teams ace for the Raiders. His veteran leadership was going to be pivotal in revitalizing Oakland's struggling special teams unit. Fast forward to the present times to a player that just has not been able to recapture his former pro bowl caliber self and find an athlete that our own Levi Damien is reporting just hit the unemployment line again.

Josh was given every chance to come back from his off-season knee surgery but it was just to no avail. He looked like he was jogging while the people coming to tackle him were running at full speed. It wasn't intentional on Cribbs' part, his body just would not let him get back up to his full speed anymore. Cribbs' was a vested veteran so his contract was able to be terminated and he will not have to go through waivers before another team can sign him.

Besides Josh being cut, there were also nine other players that were waived just days before the first cutdown day arrives on the 27th. They are; LB Keanan Clayton, LB Eric Harper, FB Jon Hoese, CB Cory Nelms, DE Ryan Robiskie, WR Tray Session, DT Miles Wade, WR Isaiah Williams, and WR Sam McGuffie.

Center Alex Parson's also tweeted that he was released but it is yet to be confirmed by the team. He was injured so if he was released he will be on the waived/injury list.