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Terrelle Pryor set to "Lead [Raiders] into Seattle" for final preseason game

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With Matt Flynn out with arm tendonitis, Terrelle Pryor will start the Raiders final preseason game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When practice began today, Terrelle Pryor began team sessions with the first teams. Now, Dennis Allen has revealed Pryor will start the Raiders final preseason game in Seattle on Thursday. The reason being because Matt Flynn is out with arm tendonitis.

"We're gonna rest Matt Flynn," said Allen. "His arm's a little sore right now and so we're gonna rest him and try to get that arm back a little bit."

He also said the issues Flynn is having with his arm is the same issues he had last preseason with Seattle which opened the door for Russell Wilson to win the job.

"It's something that's been bothersome to him and I don't really anticipate it being a big issue, but I want to get his arm rested up and recovered. It's probably more of a precautionary measure on my part than it is anything else. I did think Terrelle Pryor played well in the game the other. We'll get a chance to see Terrelle this week with the first unit offense up against Seattle and we'll see how he does."

Pryor took all the first team snaps in practice today and he said he feels "synched" with the offense and ready to lead them onto the field this week.

"Matt's not playing and I don't know whether it was the game [last Friday versus the Saints] or whatever the deal is," said Pryor. "Coach told me what the deal was that Matt wasn't playing on Friday and he wanted me to jump with the first team and lead them into Seattle."

After Pryor's game last week, he has earned the right to head out there as the starter in the final game.