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Final S&BP Fantasy League is up!

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This one's invite-only, so put your info in here!

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings Raider Nation, RaiderDamus is here with the very last Silver & Black Pride Yahoo! fantasy league of the year. This one is a 10-team PPR league with a W/R Flex and fairly standard scoring. This one is specifically reserved for those regulars here who weren't able to get into the other two leagues I set up.

The draft is Tuesday August 27, so don't bother trying to get in if you can't make the draft. I don't want any no-shows slowing down the draft room. The draft will be held at 7 PM Pacific time.

Some of you gave me your info in the other draft post, but if you could repost that in here it would be much appreciated. I will be sending out invites later today. Please don't put your info in here if you're already in one of the other leagues.

Happy drafting!