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Terrelle Pryor performance earns him bigger package

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Raiders offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, said today that Pryor has earned him a more extensive package in the offense.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It was clear the Raiders intentions coming into this off-season were to have Matt Flynn as the team's starter with Terrelle Pryor entering the game in certain packages to throw a wrinkle at the defense. This training camp and preseason, Pryor has been working hard and his offensive coordinator, Greg Olson said today Terrelle Pryor's package has been growing considerably.

"I think really we've been adding to [Pryor's] package since we got here and his role all the time is in competition," said Olson. "Obviously we signed Matt with the thought he's going to come in and be the starter and we would have that package for Terrelle but he's done some things in these preseason games that we have been excited about and I know a lot of people are excited about so with his success on the field we'll continue to add to that package. The thought process going into it as we were initially there wasn't a big package . . as we continue to grow offensively, we'll continue to add plays for Terrelle."

Olson was hired to replace the fired Greg Knapp as Raiders offensive coordinator this off-sesason. Since arriving, he has been impressed with Pryor's athletic abilities and always had a mind to use those abilities to the Raiders' advantage.

"Just the speed of Terrelle. When you look at him on the field and you're looking for playmakers. I haven't had a chance to see a lot of it thus far but I have seen at practices the speed of a Darren McFadden, and who are the fast players on your team, when you see Terrelle, he just looks faster than many of the other players on the field, so that's the thing that jumped out at me and probably jumped out at most people when they watch him play is that he can run, he is a tremendous athlete, and he's got an ability to make plays. And right now we're looking for playmakers."

There is still very much a feeling among Raiders coaches that Pryor, while having improved greatly as a passer, is far from a finished product. His game last week was a big step but as Dennis Allen said, he isn't going to be making a decision at quarterback based on one game.

Olson said today that Pryor is not at the level where he could step into the Raiders base offense. Not only that, he wouldn't want to limit Pryor's strengths by confining him to that offense.

"I still think he's developing," said Olson. "He's still developing as a quarterback and we'll continue to work to develop him as that player but we don't want to take away from his strengths so he's got that kind of a dual role. He's going to be that athletic quarterback that we will ask at time to carry the football, but we also need him to develop as a passer as well."

Pryor will start the Raiders' final preseason game and Dennis Allen said today even when the rest of the first team offense leaves the game, Pryor and some other young players will remain in the game to get more game time experience. The Raiders also want to see if Pryor can have a repeat performance to the one he had last week against the Bears.

That game earned him Top Baller status (ONLY Baller actually). Two Baller nods and his package will continue to grow.