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Raiders vs Seahawks preseason open thread

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Keep it here to talk about the Raiders preseason finale as it unfolds.


The Raiders are embarking on their final preseason game this week against the near annual preseason match-up, the Seattle Seahawks. This being the final preseason game, it's the final audition for many NFL hopefuls to make the roster. For the Raiders, it's a bit more.

This is a very young group of players, many of whom need as much game experience as possible before heading into the season.

The story, of course, is all about Terrelle Pryor. How he plays in this game will go a long way in deciding if/when he could be ready to step in as the Raiders starting quarterback.

But Pryor isn't the only story. Rookie second round pick, Menelik Watson, is seeing the field for the first time as a pro and thickening the plot, he will start at left tackle where he has never taken a snap in his life. D.J. Hayden is getting his second start and he and Watson and Pryor will all play a good amount in this game.

The Seahawks won't offer the same level of formidable opposition as the Raiders would hope. They will be sitting many of their starters and even the ones who play won't be in the game for very long.

That being said, it will still be important to play well and there are a great many players to preview for the upcoming season. This has to be the most exciting fourth preseason game I can recall in recent memory.