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Raiders at Seahawks second half open thread preseason week 4

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Otto Greule Jr
This game has been hard to watch. There have been a number of good plays by the Raiders but they also have been dominated at times too. Russell Wilson is very good and it only took the first drive for him to show us all over again just how good he is. In a blink of an eye he already had the Seahawks up 7-0.

Terrelle Pryor has looked good but his teammates haven't helped him out much. He looked better than the score shows anyway, that is for sure. He ended up with 3 of 8 for 31 yards and an interception. He also was sacked once and had 3 rushes for 48 yards. The receivers were at fault on several incompletions.

Menelik Watson gave up that sack but he hasn't looked terrible out there despite playing the hardest position along the line. Menelik is quick and strong, its easy to see his raw athleticism that attracted the Raiders. The whole line itself played much better I this half considering how badly they were embarrassed the last two weeks.

Rashad Jennings was a nice standout with 6 runs for 53 yards. He looks more and more reliable with the more touches he gets.

There is just one more half of preseason football left and then the next time you see this team it will be for real. Hopefully the Raiders come up with some stops in this final half of football, they gave up points to the Seahawks on all four of Seattle's possessions up until the last possesion which Seattle just ran the clock out on. The score is just 16-6 despite being dominated so a victory could still happen.