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Raiders vs Seahawks final score: Seahawks talent soars above Raiders 22-6

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Otto Greule Jr

Right off the gun in this game the Seahawks drove down the field with little resistance. They scored their first touchdown on a 6 play 80 yard drive that took all of 3 minutes and 2 seconds to score on. The defense even had a couple big hits but they were caught out of position too often as Russell Wilson made them pay with his legs and his arm depending on the situation.

After that discouraging start came the moment we have all been waiting for: Terrelle Pryor's chance to start and prove to the coaches that they should keep him there all season long. It turned out to be a lackluster three and out because TE Jared Mastrud dropped a well thrown 3rd down pass. Mastrud made a great one handed catch the play before his drop, I guess like so many Raiders players in recent times he can make the hard catch but not the easy one.

That drive was also our first chance to see Menelik Watson and he gave a nice little taste of what he offers on his first play. It was just a short run but Watson gave a glimpse of his power as he continued to block even after the runner was down. It was nice to see a guy with so little experience go out there so fearlessly and so powerfully. It was honestly just good to finally see him on the field.

It was unlikely to see much of Russell Wilson anyway and after his great opening drive the Seahawks rightfully considered his day done. Once Wilson was out of the game Oakland got some pressure with a sack and an intentional grounding on Seattle's back up QB Tarvaris Jackson. Unfortunately Seattle had great field position after a nice return on a Chris Kluwe punt that was lacking in hang time. The solid defensive play couldn't keep the Seahawks from scoring but they did force the points to come off of a 56 yard field goal by Seattle kicker Steven Hauschka.

After that it was round 2 for the Terrelle Pryor show and this time he showed a nice little spark. The first play of the drive was a first down throw to WR Rod Streater, and then it was like deja vu as the two connected again on Pryor's next throw after a short run left them with 2nd and 7. Another short run and an incompletion came to force a 3rd and 7 and then it was time for Pryor to show his running speed. He beat the defender to the edge for a first down run on a play that surely had many fans yelling "No, No!....ok, Yes!".

Unfortunately the drive would then stall, mainly due to Denarius Moore. First Pryor threw the ball up for Moore but he turned inside instead of outside, and then the very next play Denarius dropped a perfect back shoulder throw. After that it was Menelik Watson getting smoked that ended the drive by giving up a sack on 3rd down. Pryor fumbled on the awkward hit but was able to recover it. The Raiders did manage to convert on the field goal anyway though making the score 10-3, those points were the last of the first quarter.

The 2nd quarter started much like the first except that the drive would be stopped inside the 5 yardline instead of giving up a touchdown. There were some big hits by the Raiders but Seattle's mobile quarterback made plays on them anyway to nerve rackingly extend the drive. The defense just could not get off the field and could not tackle Jackson in the open field. Eventually the Raiders did come up with a stop though and the drive ended with just a field goal to make it 13-3 Seattle.

The Seahawks offense did not have to wait long to get back on the field much to the chagrin of Raiders fans. The very first play Terrelle Pryor tried airing it out and came up just short. Jacoby Ford was right there anyway but the corner stole the ball on a one handed interception. The argument could be made that Ford should have fought harder to snatch the ball quicker or to knock the ball away, but it was a very good play by the Seahawks cornerback either way.

Seattle used up a lot of clock as they drove down for another field goal to make it 16-3 after the interception. Rashad Jennings and Terrelle Pryor both decided to take some frustrations out in the running game once they finally got the ball back. It took just 4 run plays from them to get right up to Seattle's redzone for the second time of the night.

Too bad Pryor would then get stuffed back on a pistol formation play ending any momentum the team had just earned. Seattle is not a good team to try that offense out on since they run it themselves much more impressively and they showed it on that play. Terrelle then tried to run again the next play but had to slide well short of the first down resulting in a 4th down. Once again the Raiders had to settle for a field goal making the score 16-6 going into halftime.

Terrelle Pryor's day was done after that first half. He finished with 3 of 8 passing for 31 yards with an interception and 3 rushes for 48 yards. Was it enough to be named head coach Dennis Allen's starter week 1? Tough to say considering it all depends on his stance going into this game. At least we will know the answer soon. Unfortunately this game was not the no doubt proof needed to feel certain in what DA will do.

With Pryor done it was McGloin's turn to take over. Matt didn't start well as he immediately led the Raiders to a 3 and out drive to begin the second half. Brady Quinn then came in as the next playcaller for the Seahawks. Quinn, just like McGloin, didn't do much his first drive and the Raiders finally caused the Seahawks first punt of the night. Sadly, it was followed again by a drive going no where from the Raiders except for one good catch and run by Jacoby Ford in the slot.

Seattle started their next drive driving down field just like they had through most of the rest of the game. It included a long pass just out of the reach of Phillip Adams that was hauled in nicely by the Seahawks WR. That play was the key play of the drive to lead the Seahawks to another field goal making the score 19-6.

Matt McGloin continued his not great performance when the Raiders got the ball back. The first play was an ok throw and a nice catch by Andre Holmes to end the 3rd quarter. Then the first play of the 4th was a near interception on an overthrown ball and afterward a sack and fumble on the next play which the Seahawks recovered. Seattle converted their 5th field goal off that fumble making the score 22-6.

Matt's day was done at that point after going a misleading 5 of 7 for 41 yards with a fumble lost. After not playing at all the last two games in favor of McGloin, 4th round rookie QB Tyler Wilson finally got back into a game. With just under 14 minutes left Tyler entered the game for his final shot at impressing the coaches.

Wilson showed his toughness since apparently the Raiders offensive line decided they didn't really have to block anymore when he came in. He showed some moxy by completing a couple of tough throws anyway, including one that he threw while getting hit to Nick Kasa who had several defenders on him. His drive however would end shortly after on a 4th down pass attempt that was behind Jacoby Ford.

Once the Seahawks got the ball back they mercifully tried to run down the clock instead of take a 6th field goal. The Raiders held and forced a turnover on downs to give Tyler Wilson the ball one last time. He did absolutely nothing with it leaving the final score as 22-6. It was a bad game to finish off a bad preseason where the Raiders finished with a 1-3 record. Luckily the preseason is meaningless, right?