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Jacoby Ford returns to Raiders practice

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Raiders receiver Jacoby Ford returns to practice after missing most of the first week of training camp.

Jacoby Ford at Oakland Raiders training camp 2013
Jacoby Ford at Oakland Raiders training camp 2013
Levi Damien

The Raiders oft-injured return man and slot receiver, Jacoby Ford, came back from injury today. It's the first time he's practiced in a week after leaving injured on day three of training camp.

"It felt really good to get back out there, just to start getting back in the groove of things, kind of just easing back into it, not really hitting it full, full go yet, but it's definitely about 90 percent right now."

"We limited his reps a little bit but as far as what he can do, we didn't limit him," said Dennis Allen. "We just didn't give him as many reps as maybe what he would have."

Injuries have not been revealed throughout camp but as Jacoby tells it, it was a tightening up of the hamstring... sort of thing.

"It's kind of, sort of like that," said Ford. "It's like a tendon behind my knee that just kind of tightened up out of nowhere. I didn't even do anything to aggravate it or nothing. They said it was just one of those things that just kind of happens over time, just from having fast-twitch muscles."

"You definitely want to keep it wound up. You don't want it to stiffen up. It's definitely a lot of stretching and not trying to push myself past the limit, where I don't feel comfortable. I definitely want to feel comfortable at all times. That's the biggest thing for me."

This may seem like yet another injury after so many other injuries the past couple seasons for Jacoby Ford, including the Lis franc foot injury that had him out all of last season, but he is trying to look at the bright side.

"It's a good thing it happened now in the beginning of camp instead of later on so I can still keep rehabbing and getting it back to 100 percent. We're definitely close. I felt pretty good running out there. I never got a bite or anything, so that was a positive for me."

The Raiders are hoping he's right because they will be needing his fast-twitch muscles this season in the return game and at wide receiver.