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Raiders roster cuts: Raiders reportedly waive seventh round DE David Bass

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The first cut has been reported for the Raiders and it is a bit of a surprise.

Defensive end, David Bass, at Oakland Raiders 2013 training camp
Defensive end, David Bass, at Oakland Raiders 2013 training camp
Levi Damien

Word came out prior to the Raiders announcing their 53-man roster cuts that David Bass has been released. It comes from Jim Thomas of the St Louis Dispatch

This comes as a bit of a surprise considering he has looked quite good in pass rush as well as getting into the backfield this preseason. He was also the only defensive end this team drafted despite being starved of pass rush.

This could signal that undrafted free agent Ryan Robinson has made the team instead. According to the numbers put out by Rick Drummond of Pro Football Focus, the decision made sense:

The Raiders have yet to confirm any final roster cuts and are not required to do so until later this afternoon. This news tells us that the cuts have been made though the deadline comes at 3pm Pacific time.

This is the second year in a row - the only two years of the new regime - the team has  cut their seventh round pick. Last year it was Nathan Stupar. They signed him back to the practice squad and later released him. They will undoubtedly hope Bass makes it through waivers so they can sign him as well.