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Raiders roster cuts: Four quarterbacks on the roster?

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There are rumors leading up to the final cutdown that the Raiders could keep four quarterbacks on the roster.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The reports early of the Raiders keeping undrafted free agent Matt McGloin inevitably led to the question of whether that means Tyler Wilson will be cut. Now there are rumors the Raiders may just be keeping four quarterbacks on the roster.

During training camp, after McGloin had moved ahead of Wilson on the depth chart, Reggie McKenzie had said he would like to keep all four. That answer alone didn't mean a whole lot. Of course he would like to keep them all but a team can only keep 53 guys and an extra quarterback means another position suffers.

Dennis Allen was asked again in conference call Friday if keeping four quarterbacks was possible and he was non-committal about the idea.

"It's a possibility," said Allen. "We'll see. There's several transactions we've still got to make, so we'll continue to look at that until we have to make that decision."

We'll soon see whether that possibility became a reality and who is out in favor of keeping a fourth quarterback if that turns out to be the case.