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Raiders roster cuts reports trickling in

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A Raiders official informed me at the 3pm Pacific time deadline that the team would not be announcing anything until 6pm. This despite their cuts having been handed in long before the deadline and reports flying around, we must wait for official word. But in the meantime, reports have been coming in.

Early reports have rookie seventh round pick, David Bassbeing waived.

Shortly thereafter, reports had Matt McGloin making the roster with other reports that the Raiders would not be cutting Tyler Wilson either, which would mean the team keeps four quarterbacks.

Then Tyler Wilson confirmed he's still a Raider:

Safety, Reggie Smith, tweeted that he'd been cut by the team.

Shortly thereafter, reports have undrafted rookie receiver, Conner Vernon, being cut.

The Raiders officially announced their cuts. See those cuts here.