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Raiders work out another free agent defensive lineman

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The Raiders hosted free agent defensive lineman Ryan Baker today.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

It is getting downright silly the searching the Raiders have had to do of late to try and shore up their defensive line. They have more injured defensive linemen than they have healthy. They signed free agent Myles Wade on Thursday only to lose him to injury as well.

Dennis Allen has said the past couple days the team was actively searching for help along the defensive line. Today, literally AS he was telling us the Raiders were looking for more help, the team was working out a defensive tackle not fifty yards away.

That defensive lineman was fifth year defensive lineman, Ryan Baker. Baker was originally an undrafted free agent for the Dolphins back in 2009. He hung on with the team and spent four seasons in Miami, playing in 17 games with zero starts.

The team is desperate for warm bodies at the defensive tackle position. So much so that defensive ends like Jack Crawford have been pulling double duty to keep from overworking the few guys still out there. Currently it is just undrafted rookie Kurt Taufa'asau, Christo Bilukidi as the only pure defensive tackles healthy.

Allen said the team is most concerned with finding someone healthy and ready to go. From the looks of it, Baker was both, so the team is expected to sign him.

The roster is at 90 players currently which means if they do sign him, they would have to either cut someone or place a player on the PUP list.