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Hall of Fame game offers preview of Raiders first preseason matchup

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL football game of 2013 is tonight. Even for those who don't care much for either of the Cowboys or Dolphins who are playing, just watching some NFL football for the first time in seven months is more than enough to get them to tune in.

The Raiders will get a preview of their first preseason matchup against the Cowboys. Dennis Allen said today that the Raiders will be studying the tape of this game to help them prepare for next Friday when the Cowboys come to town.

"We'll be in meetings this evening so we won't watch the game live, but we'll start looking at the Cowboys a little bit tomorrow and we'll try to come up with a little bit of a plan for them for the opening preseason game." said Allen.

The Cowboys have many of their stars on offense not playing in the game. Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray, Desmond Bryant, and Jason Witten. It isn't that big of a deal that they aren't playing in the game but considering he would only be playing a couple series in their matchup it isn't a big deal. The Raiders will simply get more of a look at the offense under Kyle Orton and the rest of the Cowboys.