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Matt McGloin inspires Dennis Allen to invent new adjectives

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Dennis Allen likes Matt McGloin so much, he is inventing new words to describe him.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rookie quarterback, Matt McGloin, has been impressing the Raiders coaches since the moment he came into try out for the team during rookie mini camps. Initially they liked him so much, they decided to just sign him and cut ties with their priority undrafted free agent signing, Kyle Padrone.

Things have just gotten better for McGloin since joining the Raiders. After biding his time in OTA's and minicamp, sitting fourth on the depth chart behind fourth round rookie, Tyler Wilson, and receiving often just one play per team session, last week he officially moved ahead of Wilson.

Dennis Allen said initially the move was to light a fire under Wilson but McGloin has yet to let go of the third QB spot and has earned the right to keep it.

He has impressed Dennis Allen so much, he has inspired him to invent new words to describe him.

"I've seen a smart, compoised guy that throws the ball accurately, makes good decisions, goes the right place for the ball, he understands protections," said Allen. "And really that's where he's kinda separated himself from Tyler although Tyler's been a lot better as he's had a chance to sit back and watch a little bit more. I think it's a competition and I'm anxious to see both those guys play against Dallas."

Compoised is a pretty great word. It combines the words "composed" and "poised". I think it should catch on. I mean, why say both words individually when you can just sum up accurately how you feel about a calm and collected quarterback in just one word?