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Intrigue of first Raiders' preseason game centers on the quarterbacks

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In honor of Lebron James: Intrigue centered on not 1 QB, not 2, not 3....

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This is a very exciting time for Raider fans as we creep up to the first preseason game of the 2013 season. We finally get to see this team with our own eyes after months of speculation. Now it's just hours away before we get some real fire to add to our debates.

There are few times where it has felt this intriguing for the first preseason game of the year. There is a lot of unknown about the Raiders right now and that creates a lot of tension within ourselves. Once the football is in the air a portion of that tension will be released simply because Raiders football will be back.

It is going to explode in Raiders forumns all across the web after fans have finally got some facts relevant directly to the 2013 season for their arguments even if that inner pressure gets relieved a bit. Hopefully everyone remembers its just the first preseason game. Though its the biggest test so far, it still is a long way from the finished product.

There is no use in denying that what Raiders fans most want to see in this game is what the quarterbacks are going to do. The most important position on the field is the quarterback, and the inexperience of the Raiders QB's leads to a lot of speculating and not a lot of facts.

No matter what happens it's going to be nice to get some evidence of how each of the QB's are when they play in live game action. Can anybody name a time that they were this curious about 4 different quarterbacks on the Raiders roster? I can't that's for sure.

Matt Flynn is the starter and it will take a hell of a preseason for Terrelle Pryor to unseat him but it all starts right here for Terrelle if he is going to do it. Everybody has been impressed with the strides that TP has made this year, but Flynn is ahead of him to the point that the coaching staff would need undeniable proof of greatness to make a move.

Players show that type of proof all the time in the NFL, just ask Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. It does happen, but it takes a lot. Is Pryor good enough for the challenge? Nobody knows for sure yet but he gets his first chance to prove it against the Cowboys.

Don't think Matt Flynn doesn't realize how important this game is for him either. He knows the fans are anxious to see him play, and he himself is ready to take what he wants. His year in Seattle and losing out when given his chance has Flynn hungrier than ever to play. This is his first chance to really introduce himself to The Nation, he wants to give a good impression.

As if seeing Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor play wasn't enough, we will also get our first view of UDFA Matt McGloin and 4th round pick Tyler Wilson. Out of no where (if you didn't get to see him at Penn St) in comes the moxy filled die hard McGloin. He has been "compoised" throughout the off-season and is snatching hold of that 3rd quarterback roster spot.

McGloin's type of fiery play should be entertaining but don't count Tyler Wilson out just yet. He is tough as nails and gets back up after taking a hit. He may be down now but a good showing against Dallas will send his stock back up. McGloin has been taking care of business, now Tyler has to do the same.

Yes indeed there is a lot of intrigue going into this game. It centers on the QB's but be sure it extends around the entire team. They have been beat up bad by the media this off-season, now here is a chance to talk back. We all know the forumns will be talking afterwards whether the Raiders answer the critics or not though.