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Raiders vs Cowboys preseason week 1 game thread

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Levi Damien

It's game time, folks. The black Raiders tarp is over Mt Davis and we're ready to go. The Raiders are about to take the field to face the Cowboys in the first game action for the Raiders of 2013. With all the positions up for grabs and the mysteries surrounding this team, this first game will offer much to discuss over the next week.

No doubt what we see here will get overblown as the national audience has little else by which to judge them than what happens today. Dennis Allen said he will be placing more emphasis on what happens today, however their practice performance is what will prove whether what happens today is a fluke or not.

The Cowboys didn't play their best players last week but those players will be playing in this game and give the Raiders' first teamers a good test to see if they have something upon which to build or if there is cause for concern. Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, and Jason Witten are all among the best in the game so they should offer up all the firepower the Raiders' defense can handle.

Both teams have issues upon the line. The Raiders have new defensive linemen on the team and we don't know what to expect from them. The Cowboys have issues on their offensive line so if the Raiders' defensive line gets pushed around by them, that's not good.

Those who are not suiting today include D.J. Hayden, Jacoby Ford, Miles Burris, Kaluka Maiava, Billy Boyko, Brandon Bair, Lucas Nix, Vance Walker, Pat Sims, and Menelik Watson.

Despite Sio Moore limping to the sideline in practice on Wednesday, he is suited up and ready to go. As he said after he missed his one day of camp "It's gonna take more than that."

I will continue to add to this as we get closer to the game. Follow me on Twitter for my in-game tweets by clicking the button below.