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Raiders vs Cowboys Preseason game 1: 4th quarter thread

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Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

All in all that was not a terrible first half for the first preseason game. Matt Flynn had moments of looking good but also had a fumble on a blindside hit. Though it was more on the OL for the jail break that caused the fumble Flynn also should have went down without trying to throw out of that intense rush. Otherwise he did well at showing he can keep plays coming in succession including a nice 11 play drive that resulted in a field goal.

The defense could've done better but they did have a couple of nice plays in holding the Cowboys to 10 points. Usama Young got an interception from playing centerfield early in the second half and Phillip Adams has had a solid day. The play of the first half on defense was definitely Sio Moore's coverage sack where he showed his closing speed and his energy afterwards in a wildman celebration.

As for Terrelle Pryor he had a very good game but he still made a couple of bad decisions in the passing game too. At times he looked like he was trying too hard to prove he can throw better. He is an elite runner and will be a weapon this year.

Though both Flynn and Pryor played well its McGloin as the one who got the ball into the endzone. It was on an incredible catch by Brice Butler who had 70 yards receiving on two catches for that drive. He has not disappointed in his performance.

This would've been nice to get another thread up earlier here is your 4th quarter thread now, better late than never. The Raiders are leading 16-10 now and hopefully they finish strong. They currently have scored on their last three possessions but Dallas is driving into Raiders territory.