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Raiders week 1 Ballers & Busters: Part 2

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The second part of the Raiders 2013 season opener in Indianapolis.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Ballers have been counted, so now it's time to lay out the performances that contributed to the Raiders losing their season opener.


Tracy Porter

There were at least two passes completed on Porter in which he had tight coverage and the ball fit into the receiver just out of his grasp. But the bottom line is, those are catches he gave up just as much as a blown coverage, biting on a fake, or getting burnt. If he can't finish it by forcing an incompletion or in interception, it's all for naught. The Colts marched down the field fairly easily on their first drive. Two of the final three catches were given up by Porter. The first catch he gave up went for 25 yards and the final catch was the 12-yard touchdown to end the drive. On the following drive, he gave up a 17-yard catch on third and nine. He was also called for holding on the play but it was declined. With the drive kept alive, the Colts drove for their second straight touchdown to open the game up 14-0.

Lucas Nix

The weak link on this offensive line that can't afford weak links. He gave up a run stuff and a QB pressure on the first drive alone. Throughout the game, Darren McFadden was having trouble finding room through the line. He finished averaging 2.8 yards per carry on 17 carries. But the biggest mistake Nix made didn't come in the run game. It came on the play that killed the Raiders hopes of winning this game. With the team set up at first and goal from the 9-yard line, the Colts rushed from the edges. Barnes picked up the outside rusher, leaving Robert Mathis for Nix as the inside rusher. But Nix opts to double team nose tackle, leaving Mathis free and clear to go after Pryor. It happened so fast, Pryor had nowhere to throw and nowhere to run. He unwisely tried to run backward and make a play and resulted in a 16-yard loss. Two plays later, in desperation, he threw an interception to end the game.

D.J. Hayden

While Luck wasn't picking on Tracy Porter, he was going after Hayden. On the first scoring drive, he let Darrius Heyward-Bey have one of his patented leave-his-feet gut catches in front of him for 16 yards. Later in the game, after the Raiders had taken the lead early in the fourth quarter, he gave up two catches on third downs which resulted in first downs to keep the drive alive. The drive would have ended in a three and out but Hayden gave up a 12-yard catch on third and eight. The Colts were in third down again three plays later and again, Hayden gave up the catch for the first down. The Colts would finish it off with a touchdown to retake the lead 21-17 which was also the final score.

Sebastian Janikowski

Seabass is not supposed to be missing 48-yard field goals. Especially not indoors. But he did. Perhaps it was lingering issues from his calf strain in preseason, perhaps it was his not being comfortable with someone other than Shane Lechler as his holder. Whatever it was, he missed a crucial field goal that he should make. The Raiders got into position to score for a second time heading into halftime and be down just 10-14. He hit a 36-yard field goal in the third quarter to get that score but it should have pulled the Raiders to within one point. As the game ended, being down one point instead of four would have meant running out the clock and setting up for the game-winning field goal. Instead it meant the Raiders needed a touchdown they could not get and a loss.

Khalif Barnes

Let me begin by saying he played better than many expected with his switch from right to left. But he still didn't play very well. He had a false start in the first quarter which is pretty much par for the course with him. The Raiders were unable to dig out of that five yard hole and had to punt. He gave up a couple run stuffs on Darren McFadden to contribute to McFadden's 2.8 yards per carry on the day. Then he was called for holding on the Raiders' final drive that was declined.

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