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What Jacksonville Jaguars player should the Raiders want?

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Sam Greenwood

With the Raiders set to face the Jacksonville Jaguars this week, the question came up of what player on the Jaguars should the Raiders want? That answer has been an easy one for some time in my view.

Maurice Jones-Drew

The Bay Area native would be a perfect fit to return home to finish his NFL career. Both he and Darren McFadden are coming up on free agency this coming off-season and the addition of MJD would be a positive one for the Raiders.

Darren McFadden, in all his perceived glory, has had just one season over 1000 yards rushing. It was a great season in which he also had over 500 yards receiving, but it now stands as almost an anomaly compared to the rest of his career.

Jones-Drew has long been considered one of the top backs in the NFL. Since becoming the fulltime starter in Jacksonville in 2009, he has been a Pro Bowler three times and an All Pro once.

Up until last season, he was the very model of durability. That would be a refreshing change for the Raiders who have never seen McFadden play more than 12 full games in a season.

While being durable, he has also been the model of consistency, averaging 4.6 yards per carry with averages of 4.5, 4.4, and 4.7 over his three 16-game seasons from 2009 to 2011. As a workhorse back in the Jaguars' offense, he averaged 1440 yards rushing per season in those three seasons culminating in his All Pro season in which he ran for 1606 yards.

He is also no stranger to paydirt, averaging an impressive 12 touchdowns per season over his first six seasons. Unlike some backs who are either a homerun threat or a short yardage specialist, he can do both.

Then of course there's his blocking which has this awesome highlight as a headliner:

This bowling ball of a runner and blocker is no slouch in the receiving department either. He has over 2500 yards receiving in 7 seasons while averaging over 400 yards receiving per season and never dipped below 300 receiving yards over that time. For comparison, McFadden has only surpassed 300 receiving yards once.

It was against the Raiders last season that MJD received the first season ending injury of his career. He was replaced in the game by Rashad Jennings of whom the Raiders picked up as a free agent this off-season. A reunion with some home cooking for MJD is nice for him. Wearing the other uniform would be nicer.