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Raiders vs Jaguars final score 19-9: Raiders run past Jaguars for their first win

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders will not go winless this year, which is something that fools all over the internet have predicted for months. They have their first win of the year, though it did come against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. The final score was only 19-9, but the Raiders actually dominated this game from start to finish.

Oakland started out with a bang. The very first play of the game Sio Moore stuffed Maurice Jones-Drew for a one yard loss which was an excellent way to set the tone out the gate. The defense continued with that momentum and caused the first drive by the Jaguars to be a 3 and out, and then Phillip Adams returned the punt 30 yards where the Raiders took over on the Jacksonville side of the field.

Adams brought the ball all the way up to the Jags 38 yardline to start the drive and Jacksonville LB Justin Babin helped with a 15 yard personal foul. Those plays lead to Marcel Reece pounding into the endzone on an 11 yard run to take the lead 7-0. It was the only Raiders TD of the game and it gave the Raiders a lead that they then held for the rest of the game.

After that TD both teams traded punts on their each of their next two drives to end the first quarter. Once the Jaguars got the ball back for their first drive in the 2nd quarter they actually showed a little bit of signs of life. They put together a 15 play drive that ended in a field goal, which is already more than the 2 points they scored the week prior against Kansas City. The drive looked like it was going for a TD but Charles Woodson made a diving tackle where he hurtled a blocker to get to MJD to stop him inside the 5 yardline, it was amazing.

The Raiders got the ball back after the Jags field goal and decided to show some more life themselves. The drive was only six plays but one of them was a 24 yard run by Darren McFadden that had Raiders fans yelling "FINALLY!" as we finally saw the explosive DMC that we have long missed. The Raiders drive fizzled out though and ended with a missed 35 yard field goal by Sebastian Janikowski. It was his first miss inside 40 yards out of his last 50 tries and the hold was late without getting the laces out.

Luckily for Sebastian the Raiders defense had his back by forcing another 3 and out from the Jaguars. Pryor had Jano's back as well by driving the Raiders into field goal range again once he got the ball back. This field goal was 46 yards and good enough to count. It made the score 10-3 and ended the half after the following kick off.

Oakland got the ball first to begin the second half and again they drove into field goal range before the drive fizzled out. There was another beautiful run where DMC got into open field and reminded us what we have been missing for a 30 yard gain. The drive all together took up 12 plays and 5:42 of game clock, Janikowski made the 30 yard field goal to make the score 13-3.

The Jags once again could not do anything with the ball when they finally got it. This drive was technically 4 plays since they had an illegal formation penalty on it but it ended quickly with another punt, as did the Raiders next drive as well. And then the Jaguars next drive they punted the ball back again, exciting stuff!

The Raiders got great field position after that last punt though as they started on their own 47 yardline. The drive went 7 plays and ended in another field goal by Sebastian Janikowski. This one was from 29 yards out and made the score 16-3. Another 3 and out by the Jags and another 29 yard field goal from Jano came on the next two drives and the score then was 19-3.

The Raiders seemed poised to put an end to the game after another 3 and out by the Jaguars. Darren was on another streaking run that came on a reverse play. He tried to run over his tackler but ended up fumbling the ball back to the Jaguars. Jacksonville went down the field with the ball and straight to the endzone on a 13 yard TD pass. It was less nerve racking after they failed on the two point conversation making the score 19-9 which is how it would end.

After Pryor was the story of week 1 its now Darren McFadden and the defense's turn this week. DMC had 129 yards rushing along with 28 yards receiving and really looked great while helping the Raiders get over 200 yards rushing in this game. The defense on the other hand was swarming and aggressive in piling up 5 sacks. They had no turnovers but if they keep playing like this then don't worry, the turnovers will come. Raiders win 19-9, enjoy it!