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Raiders week 2 Ballers & Busters

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The best and worst performances by the Raiders in their week 2 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders hosted the Jaguars in week two and took care of business, pulling out a 19-9 victory. It wasn't always pretty for the Raiders on offense but the Jaguars were downright hideous.

For a second straight week, the Raiders defense showed up and shut down their opponent for much of the game. They had five sacks, 8 tackles for loss, and 7 quarterback hurries as a group. The result was holding the Jaguars to just a field goal through nearly the entire game until they were able to push through for a late touchdown. And it was too little, too late.


Mike Jenkins

Jenkins was everywhere in this game. He tied for the team lead in tackles (6) from the cornerback spot. The first tackle came on the second play of the game to stop the receiver for a one yard reception and help the Raiders force a three and out to begin the game. His next play was another tackle for a one yard reception. His next tackle was a run stuff for no gain. Then in the fourth quarter, he had tight coverage on third down to force an incompletion. The very next series, he had a pass defended in which he broke perfectly on the ball and nearly intercepted it. He gave up three catches on the day for a total of 12 yards.

Darren McFadden

The only real offense in this game came from an area it hasn't come from in quite some time - the running game. McFadden started the game averaging 2.8 yards per carry which was his average for the entire week one game against the Colts. But after the first quarter, he broke free and picked up several big chunks of yards. His first big run came midway through the second quarter in which he broke out for a 26-yard scamper. It put the Raiders in field goal range. Midway through the third quarter, he broke offa 30-yard run to set up another field goal. Then late in the third quarter he broke free again, this time for 22 yards and the Raiders added another field goal. His one big mistake came following a 27-yard run in the fourth quarter in which he fumbled at the end of it. The Jaguars took the short field and drove for their only touchdown of the day. McFaddens 129 rushing yards in this game were his highest total since week three of the 2011 season and the fifth highest total of his career. He added 4 catches for 28 yards. Oh, and he was lined up outside and blocked the corner out of the play to allow Marcel Reece to get into the endzone for the Raiders only touchdown.

Marcel Reece

Things got off to a great start for the Raiders in this game. The defense stopped the Jaguars with a three and out and then the Raiders drove for a touchdown of their own. They took over in Jaguars' territory thanks a big 30-yard return from Phillip Adams so they had just 38 yards to cover to get the touchdown. Fifteen of those yards came on a Jacksonville unnecessary roughness penalty. The final 11 yards was Marcel Reece up the middle for a touchdown. After that, it was back to the fullback grind for Reece. Midway through the second quarter, Terrelle Pryor had his one big run of the day of 27 yards and it was Reece who laid a great block to spring him. In the third quarter, Reece helped plow the road for McFadden to shoot through for a 22-yard run to put the Raiders in position to hit their third field goal of the day.

Jason Hunter

Talk about filling the stat column. Dude was second on the team in tackles (5), with one sack, one tackle for loss, two QB hurries, and a pass defended on a batted pass at the line. Not much more needs to be said about that.

Tracy Porter

Another well-rounded box score came from Tracy Porter. His day started by giving up a 13-yard catch on third and two on the Jaguars' second drive. But after that, he was lights out. He had two passes defended on the next drive to keep them scoreless in the first quarter. He helped stop a catch for a one yard gain on the following possession, then had his third pass defended on the next series to force a three and out. Henne didn't throw his way for a while after that. Then late in the fourth quarter, he had a tackle on a short catch. Then he helped to put the game away when he shared a sack on a blitz with Usama Young. He finished the day tied with the second most tackles on the team (5), a half sack, a quarterback hurry, and three passes defended. Quite a rebound from last week. Then again, playing the Jaguars will do that for a guy.

Rod Streater

His first play came on the Raiders' final drive of the first half when he went up high in traffic to pull down a 17-yard catch and held on despite taking a hard hit in the back. It started a drive in which the Raiders added a field goal heading into half time. He hauled in another pass on the first drive of the third quarter in which he broke wide open for a 16-yard catch. Later in the same drive, he caught a pass for a nine yard gain. Then on the very next play, he laid a big block downfield to help McFadden have his biggest run of the day for 30 yards. The drive finished in another field goal to take a two score lead. His final play was as a member of the hands team, recovering the Jaguars' onside kick to clinch the win. He finished with three catches on four targets for 42 yards.

Khalif Barnes, Tony Pashos

These two didn't give up a sack on Pryor on the day. Barnes didn't even give up a single pressure. Several times in this game, Pryor seemed to have a nice pocket and all day to throw. Pashos laid key blocks on two of McFadden's big runs in the game - the 26-yard run in the second quarter and the 30-yard run in the third quarter. Barnes led the way to get Marcel Reece into the endzone on the Raiders first drive. He also had a key block to spring Rashad Jennings for his big 28-yard run in the fourth quarter. Neither of them had a penalty in the game either. Barnes was called for illegal formation but that wasn't actually his fault.

Charles Woodson

His return home debut went quite well. His six tackles led the team and all of them were solo tackles. He ended the Jaguars' second drive when he came up to tackle the receiver for no gain on third and seven. Then in the second quarter, he had his biggest tackle of the day when he dove over a blocker to bring down Maurice Jones-Drew for a short gain on 2nd and goal from the 7 yard line. What looked like a sure touchdown was stopped short and resulted in a field goal. Later he had another tackle to stop a catch at three yards. The possession ended in a three and out on the next play.

Honorable Mention

Stefen Wisniewski, Mike Brisiel - Wisniewski had key blocks on McFadden's 30-yard run and his 22-yard run. Brisiel was pulled to block for Reece on his touchdown run and also helped clear the way to spring Rashad Jennings for his 28-yard run.

Sio Moore -- Had a tackle for loss on the first play from scrimmage. Had  another tackle on a short catch and contained well all day.

D.J. Hayden - He had tight coverage on several incompletions including on third down of the Jaguars first series, and on third down in the end zone to hold the Jaguars to a field goal.

Brian Sanford - Had two tackles in the game - both for a loss.

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