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Week 3 NFL game picks

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Jeffrey G. Pittenger-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL season is moving right along. We are now onto week 3 and our S&BP staff game picks.

It was another week of solid prognosticating performances by the staff with all but one of us coming in with a record of 11-5 or better. The last place finished was Marcus who came in with a 9-7 record. It turns out being the only one to pick Minnesota and Washington to win was not a great idea. It could have been worse had he not been the only one to pick the Cardinals over the Lions.

The best record from week 2 goes to Jeff Spiegel who rebounded from his last place finish in week one to jump all the way to the two spot just behind me who had a second straight 12-4 finish. Jeff did it in part by being the only one to correctly pick the Chiefs over the Cowboys.

The only game we all predicted incorrectly was picking the Eagles over the Chargers. We all correctly predicted 7 game winners: the Patriots, Raiders, Falcons, Ravens, Texans, Saints, and Broncos.

This week's consensus picks are the Eagles (again over an AFC West rival), Packers, Patriots, 49ers, Seahawks, and Broncos.

Week 3 Levi Jeff SOB RDreamer Asher Marcus
Week 2 total 12-4 13-3 11-5 11-5 11-5 9-7
Overall record 24-8 23-9 23-9 22-10 22-10 20-12
Kansas City at Philadelphia PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI PHI
Green Bay at Cincinnati GB GB GB GB GB GB
St. Louis at Dallas DAL STL DAL DAL DAL DAL
San Diego at Tennessee SD TEN TEN SD SD TEN
Cleveland at Minnesota MIN MIN MIN MIN MIN CLE
Tampa Bay at New England NE NE NE NE NE NE
Arizona at New Orleans NO NO NO NO NO ARI
Detroit at Washington DET WAS DET DET WAS WAS
NY Giants at Carolina NYG NYG CAR NYG NYG CAR
Houston at Baltimore BAL HOU HOU HOU HOU HOU
Atlanta at Miami ATL ATL MIA ATL ATL MIA
Indianapolis at San Francisco SF SF SF SF SF SF
Jacksonville at Seattle SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA SEA
Chicago at Pittsburgh CHI CHI CHI CHI PIT CHI
Oakland at Denver DEN DEN DEN *?? DEN DEN

*RDreamer's Raiders game pick will be revealed in his Friday Foretelling article.