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Raiders QB Tyler Wilson goes unsigned off waiver wire list, added to practice squad

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Now that Tyler Wilson cleared waivers, will he be put onto the Raiders practice squad? UPDATE: Yes, he will be. Wilson has been added to the Raiders practice squad.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Things change at the blink of an eye for people everyday, Tyler Wilson is just the latest example. The 4th round pick of the Raiders at one point was prematurely being hyped as a possible starter this year before reality poured a cold bucket of water on the rookie. He went from sleeper starter all the way down to unemployment in just a flash.

He was outplayed by UDFA QB Matt McGloin and not even his draft position could save him from the chopping block. He made it past final cuts and onto the 53 man roster for a single day but he really was just keeping the spot warm for the next man up. It's now been 24 hours since his release and no other team has claimed him.

Now that Tyler has cleared waivers he is an unrestricted free agent. That makes him free and clear to sign with any team if there is one interested in him. If a team is going to sign him now it would likely be to their practice squad since most teams have their back ups figured out by now. The Raiders do still have one practice squad spot left so a return to Oakland is a possibility.

UPDATE: Tyler Wilson has been added to the practice squad.He is the 8th and final member of the practice squad.