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Raiders add Tyler Wilson to practice squad

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders continue to hedge their bets on tough decisions by adding Tyler Wilson to the team's practice squad. The rest of the practice squad was announced earlier today and had seven names on it. This led many to speculate the team was hoping Wilson would clear waivers so they could fill the remaining spot with him.

Initially Wilson was on the active roster when the cuts were made to get down to 53 players. This was a shrewd move by Reggie McKenzie so that the first wave of waiver claims were through before he let Wilson hit waivers. He took a chance Wilson would be signed when he cut him initially. Surprisingly, being that Wilson was a fourth round pick, he was not claimed by any team and cleared waivers which allowed the Raiders to re-sign him to the practice squad.

Now, providing no team decides to sign Wilson from the Raiders practice squad to their active roster, the Raiders can continue to monitor and develop Wilson to see if he can improve on his poor showing in training camp which allowed undrafted free agent Matt McGloin to move ahead of him and take the third QB job for the team.

See the rest of the Raiders' practice squad here.